Localization Provider - 5th generation out!

Freshly baked v5.0 is out now. Changes in this version (some of them are breaking ones). Mostly release was focused on .Net Core AdminUI improvements and new features. As I’m preparing for something bigger for the library, so I need to do some prerequisites :)



  • Add new resource manually is now back in Episerver AdminUI. Special thanks goes to @ev2000 for motivation :)

Asp.Net Core:

  • Target to .Net Core App 2.1
  • User interface is rewritten to Razor Class Library
  • You can now export resources from UI (import with diff merge is coming, that’s a bit bigger chunk of work)
  • You can now also customize look and feel of the admin UI via custom external CSS file (UiConfigurationContext.CustomCssPath setting)
  • Localized AdminUI itself and added all those resources as hidden (so there will be less noise by default in the resource list)
  • Proper support for role based authorization. Be sure to enable roles in .Net Core 2.1 properly

Good luck and Happy localizing!


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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